A dark prison shelters their love but the truth tears the canvas of their passion...

Adelaine Watson, daughter of the Earl of Daffield, anxiously awaits her brother’s return from war. But when her father returns, he brings back someone else: her brother's murderer.

Falsely accused of murdering an Earl's son, Caelan McLagen, Laird of Loch Mahrais, has accepted his death sentence. That is until the alluring Adelaine starts visiting his cell and he feels the warmth of hope.

Convinced of Caelan's innocence, Adelaine falls madly in love with him and is desperate to find a way to stop her worst nightmare from becoming reality.

When the only eyewitness to her brother's death dies, Adelaine realizes that the real murderer is closer than they thought. With Caelan’s execution hanging above their heads like the executioner's ax, Adelaine must make a terrible choice…

*Enraptured by the Highlander is a steamy Scottish historical romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, lots of steam and a happy ending.

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  1. Enraptured by the Highlander is worth every moment it takes to read it. It is intriguing , exciting, romantic and a well written story that will hold your interest and attention to the very end. I enjoyed this book immensely.

  2. HATE Extended Epilogues that are aimed to finish the story. Timewise, Authors offering “Extended Epilogue” should add to reading flow. I have experienced unfinished story endings due to the “Extended…” AAACK!! No ending to your tale.


    • Hey dear Celia! Usually, in my Extended Epilogues I simply put scenes about the future of our protagonists! I am sorry if you feel like it was an unfinished story ❤️


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